Innovative Science, Diligent Team and Uncompromising Quality

These are the three mantras we follow at Godaavari labs. We believe that when Hard work shake hands with Innovation and work on maintaining the Quality the results will be outstanding.

Never compromises quality and safety.

Every client of Godaavari Labs are considered unique and we aim to give quality services to our clients. We ensure our employees follow all safety measures while dealing with different chemicals.

Never ending Research and development.

We are willing to continuously develop ourselves through research and achieve better results. Constant improvement is the secret behind our growth.

Welcome To Godaavari labs

Godaavari labs Private Limited is a pharmaceutical company that offers services like manufacturing of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Intermediates, Contract manufacturing, Research and Development with excellent manufacturing capabilities, quality assurance and quality control.

Quality, Your Way!


Our passion for delivering premium healthcare products makes us conscious of achieving the finest quality that meets the customer specifications.


The manufacturing facility of Godaavari labs is completely equipped and well maintained with all necessary control & safety measures implemented to provide products at best quality.

Covid-19 Measures

During this unprecedented period of covid-19 pandemic, we are working tirelessly with all safety precautions in situ to confirm that our products are available to everyone in need without compromising quality.

Our Services


Godaavari labs offers one of the finest portfolios of Active Pharmaceutical ingredients (API) which contains the Ingredients that are responsible for the therapeutic effects of numerous number of medicines – supplied all over the world


Godaavari labs produce large amount of intermediates that falls under a wide range of therapeutic categories in the course of API manufacturing. We are producers of cost effective intermediates & a process driven and research focussed company.

Contract Manufacturing

Godaavari labs also offers Contract manufacturing to its clients and executes the order one step beyond their expectations. We possess great strength and capabilities across wide range of API’s and Intermediates.

Quality Medicines by Qualified team
Quality your way

At Godaavari labs, Quality is our primary goal. We have effective and efficient quality control processes at all stages of manufacturing. Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams adhere to standards as per multi-national industry.

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